3rd international contemporary art contest

Donkey Art Prize

Painting / Photography

#believeinyourself #stepout

The prize

Ready to be taken to the “next level”?
Donkey Art Prize takes your art all around the globe!

Win a big cashprize, worldwide exhibitions in the best cities of the world, merchandise and much much more...

2 categories 4 winners, 100 finalists
If you believe in yourself we believe in you! #stepout

Milan / Miami / Dubai / Tokyo

The project

An idea remains just an idea untill it gets shared.

Blindonkey aims at building a worldwide network of artists and galleries, people and spaces

where creativity runs free.

The intent is merging the world of visual art with music and fashion in order to have different points of view, to organize every year a string of global events to give each artist the chance to express himself and his art

without borders.

Year by year, through Donkey Art Prize, the organization gives opportunities to hidden and known talents to be internationally appreciated.



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