People by Alberto Peterle
Medium: pure pigment dispersing in water on watercolor paper. Dimensions: 87x85cm

About the artwork

A quantity of pure pigment it’s been dissolved in a specific quantity of water. Every single quantity of Colored water, it’s been frozen on different containers but with same size and type. After that, every piece frozen is been left liquefy over sheets of paper cotton mix into different environment condition. When every sample is thawed, on the paper surface there's a stain , one different from the others, but together they form a group of stains, that is what can be admired for who look the composition.The stains permit to fix the journey of every single man, from birth to death.In fact, the aim of the work is to represent the idea that each person initially is identical. The experience of life after the birth, however, is the element that makes the difference. People is influenced by the environment around them, that transform them in a unique individual.Life itself shapes us not only physically, but also emotionally, it makes us different from each other, but made of the same subs

About the artist

Alberto Peterle is an Italian artist that try to understand the perspective of the human being during the everyday life and influenced by the native environment. He is a careful observer of the human evolution.He was born in Conegliano but he lives in Cimadolmo, a small village near Treviso. In 2008 he graduated at IT IS E.Fermi Treviso, chemical specialization class. Thanks to his desire of knowledge he decided to start an artistic course at “Academia 88” in 2012, with the teacher G.R. coming from the high artistic school in Treviso. During this period he improved the oil and the acrylic technique on canvas. Following, thanks to his work experience on chemical industry with composite material, he starts an unconventional technique as painting using fiberglass with pigment and minerals, resin, glue and engraving on solid surface. After a first figurative painting period, Alberto moves toward a different style of expression that he calls “muddy”, so the previous chromatic contrast dissolves into natural colors. The previous figure is going to vanish into more informal shape, till to discover single stains. In the 2013 he participated, selected previously from Progetto Giovani Treviso, at artistic show “Prospettive Eccentriche”. At the end of 2013, he won the first prize at the artistic contest for young artists “Which future?”(What next?) with his work “Embryonic memory in a lifeless Hearth”. At the beginning of 2014 he is selected for the international contest “ART PROTAGONIST 2014” organized by Arteficiolinea and his work worth a reporting. After that he is also selected for a local artistic show promoted by stART associations, from Santa Lucia di Piave, namely “Give shape to creativity”.