Your deeper sanity by Paola Napoli
Medium: photography . Dimensions: 8,18 MB

About the artwork

Each of us hides a little monster full of terrors, anxieties, difficulties having problems to keep an equilibrium with himself and with others. My title "Your deeper sanity" means that often we suppress our problems pretend to feel good even it's not, but express our deeper terrors is much more right than acting, because "sanity" is "feel free" to express yourself.

About the artist

I was born in Palermo and I grow up in Caserta and Rome. I have a Bachelor degree in Visual Art and two specialization courses of photography, one at European Institute of Design in Rome and one of reportage at Central Saint Martin in London (Univerity of Art of London). I work as photographer in every kind of field, from ecommerce to events (like weddings or music events) and architecture. I travel a lot, I eat a lot and I like to observe, a lot.