(Beauty is) In The Eyes of the Beholder by Judy Shinnick
Medium: Oil on Board. Dimensions: 24 x 30 cms (unframed)

About the artwork

The portrait (Beauty is) In the Eyes of the Beholder paints a story of a life 'lived'. What do we perceive as beautiful? Is there beauty in the subject's eyes?. What is beauty?

About the artist

I've been painting and creating for 30 years. I paint in watercolour, oil, acrylic and mixed media with subjects as diverse as portraiture, landscape and abstract. I'm a self taught artist who updates her skills and techniques regularly through various master classes between Ireland, Dubai and Florence. I'm influenced by and study the methods of the old masters while keeping my eyes open to emerging contemporary art. I live between Ireland and Dubai, in two ever changing landscapes - In Ireland a small sleepy fishing village and in Dubai - a bustling, dynamic city. Painting is my raison d'etre with teaching and giving away my knowledge a close second. It's a passion and I feel so lucky to be able to nurture this passion every day. I have awards and my paintings are hanging around the world but for me achievement is the satisfaction I feel when I can sign a finished piece.

Irish is under reconstruction - www.judyshinnick.com