Home by Xuancheng Zhang
Medium: Digital Photography. Dimensions: 21" x 31.5"

About the artwork

On my second day in Seattle, as I was walking down a road alone towards the Gas Works Park, a parked school bus caught my attention. The windows were covered by fabric and clothes. The flat tires indicated that it had been abandoned here for years. I walked around it several times until I saw a pair of feet facing the window. I realized that this school bus had been turned into a home. To document this compelling combination and to avoid distortion, I had to hold up my camera and look on tiptoe. Therefore, the image records the view from outside the windows, with the pair of feet and the reflection of my hands holding the camera.

About the artist

Xuancheng Zhang was born in Xi’an, China, which is one of the oldest cities in the world. He received his BA degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University in graphic design and recently graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design MFA program in Visual Studies. Before getting involved in design, Xuancheng practiced Chinese calligraphy for over 10 years. His design background and years of professional training in calligraphy give Xuancheng keen observation, detail-awareness, curiosity and steadfast patience. In photography, this helps him to capture a peak moment, a dramatic instant and freeze it in time forever.

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