URBANITA' FUGGENTI (fleeting urbanities) by Andrea Barasciutti
Medium: digital photography. Dimensions: 100x66

About the artwork

This artwork, a fusion of photography, architecture and surreal world, is a synthesis of Baran professional experiences and it talks about forgotten urban forms. Baran explores the urban subject with the shooting and then he progressively detaches from it. In the subject without definition he discovers the true essence of things, the essence will stimulate the viewer to a psychological work and introspective analysis and reflection. These images envelop the viewer in a limbo of imagination. These photographs capture a moment that is more magical than real, with images of amazing harmony. They are sights of another reality.

About the artist

Baran is the pseudonym adopted by Andrea Barasciutti, artist and architect. Twenty years maturing in the profession have led him to develop a craftsman’s style of architecture based on details, materials and balance. Close to the architecture there is always his art. His artworks, a fusion of architecture, painting, sculpture and photography, are extremely conceptual, they are the synthesis of his thought and professional experiences. Since 2013, his artworks have been exhibited in important art galleries and fairs to critical and public acclaim: Rome, Padua, Vienna, Budapest. In 2014 he successfully exhibited his works in London and in 2015 at the Septem Maria Museum and Villa Badoer. Baran (Venice 1964) lives and work in Ferrara and Adria, Italy.

Italy www.baranart.it