Torrid Interval, Fallen Angel Series #7 by Gwenann Reid
Medium: Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 91.44cm x 91.44cm

About the artwork

Lyrical abstraction from my Fallen Angel series. This painting is part of my ongoing exploration of the tension between the raw and the refined.

About the artist

I am an emerging artist, a painter, who recently moved from the New York metro area to Dallas, TX. I belonged to an artist's cooperative in NY, for whom an amazing Italian artist, Alexander Shundi, was our mentor. Here in TX, I am enjoying the sun and trying to find my new artist community. My focus is on abstract painting in which I use a process that starts out as intuitive and instinctive but becomes more intentional as the painting develops. My process includes chance, letting go, knowing, not knowing, losing control and getting it back. In my work I seek the balance between chaos and discipline.