Fish'n'food by Olivier Devignaud
Medium: Acrylic and ink on paper. Dimensions: 80x120 cm

About the artwork

This wild fish in full decomposition is going to feed on you. Maybe you will have time to kill it before. I have the feeling to give free rein to the heights and loosened from the brush, directly connected to the meanders of my brain. Combined techniques on paper.

About the artist

Painter, video maker and graphic designer, born on May 1967, former boxer, I work and live in Saint-Etienne, France. My style, graphic and gladly provocative, draws its inspiration from the advertising language and free figuration movement. I want to give a critical image of our consumer society. The words and the typeface adopt an existential dimension in this work of «recycling» where angels’ wings, Vanities, everyday objects, theological and military references appear in recurring symbols in the form of graffiti or almost infantile iconographies. I received several distinctions for my art work in Japan in 1991, Dingle, Ireland and Ourense, Spain in 2007, London in 2010, Milan, Italy (Donkey Art Prize), Middletown, USA in 2011… and I currently work with french galleries in Europe.