Lavatory by guido buganza
Medium: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 120x80 cm

About the artwork

Nostalgia came; and, if the human form has been eclipsed, it’s increased the humanity of the scene, because now we have not to relate with the presence, but with his contrary, and therefore the viewer, like the painter, can only evoke the infinite, wanting the absent restlessly. Guido paints abandonment: an armchair on which no one will seat, a bathroom door that only traces of habits, scattered clothes, sheets and towels piled up ...

About the artist

Guido Buganza was born in Cremona in 1968. Very young he favors his vocation for painting, facing sixteen year old his first solo exhibition. He takes full possession of the art of engraving under the leadership of Vladimir Elvieri, who introduced him to the ancient techniques and experimentation. In 1997 he worked with Titina Maselli and, subsequently, with Emilio Tadini. After earning a diploma in set design at the Academy of Brera, has embarked on a remarkable career in the theater, signing shows, among many, for the Piccolo Teatro and the Teatro Litta in Milan, Ponchielli of Cremona, the Teatro Stabile Veneto, the Teatro Stabile of Bolzano, the Teatro Argentina in Rome. In december 2014 he has been nominated as best set designer in Italy for Ubu Award. The activity of the painter continues in parallel to bring him to work, among others, with Peter Greenway, who commissioned him a series of paintings for the video-installation “Peopling the Palaces” at the Venaria Palace in Turin. While participating in the Venice Biennale in 2008 with the staging of “La bottega del caffe ‘” by Goldoni, the theatrical activity led him to collaborate with the Nobel Prize Dario Fo and Harold Pinter . His artwork has attracted the attention of several critics and cultural figures, including Aldo Busi, Mario De Micheli who wants him at Permanente Palace in Milan on the occasion of the award “Borromeo” 93, and Dino Formaggio.