STOCK by Gabriele Daccardi
Medium: Digital Photography. Dimensions: 70 cm x 100 cm

About the artwork

The stock project was born during an artistic residency in Valle d'Aosta. These pictures were realized inside the Italian museum of natural sciences, in a place close off to the public. The stuffed animals are put in the most bizarre places, waiting to be catalogued and exposed. Through the camera and the point of view , I produce other different meanings from objective reality. Another feature of this work is to put in contrast the subjects with the context completely unnatural.

About the artist

Gabriele Daccardi 1985 | Torino, Italy Education 2012/2013 | IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Fotografia, Torino Residencies 2013 | Mountain Photo Festival, Valle d’Aosta Personal Exhibitions 2014 |MARGHE’, IAT Comune di Oulx,Torino 2013 |MARGHE’, Sala comunale Venaus, Torino Collective Exhibitions 2014 |TAV , PH libero Gallery, Torino 2013 |TAV , Istituto Europeo di Design, Torino