when trees get old, they learn how to walk by Golsa Golchini
Medium: mix media:photography,digital drawing,inks,charcoal.. Dimensions: dimension of the two pieces together: 100x129 cm

About the artwork

My project consists in a series of photographs of our world. I like to consider myself as an artist who is totally at the service of an invisible world. Sometimes it seems that this is my mission and I have to accomplish it in every single moment of my life. I have always loved taking photos while walking, breathing and eating! A year ago, my life has changed when I dreamt about drawing directly on my own photos. Thanks to the support of a very special friend and photographer, called TheMonk, I started to daydream with the camera. All my photos started to change and to be something more. Every time I press the button of my camera I know exactly how the photo will appear after the modification I realized with the help of graphic tablet. I create an image where everything is possible. The illustration starts in the photo and then it arrives to the canvas. In the last step I do the last retouching with the inks and pencils and charcoals .i guess I just love to stay in this magical world

About the artist

Golsa Golchini Born on 26/03/1986 in Tehran, Iran. Lives and works as a painter and graphic designer in Milano. Graduated in 2010 in Accademia Belle Arti di Brera with a specialization in the department of visual arts. Personal Exhibitions: 2008 “Art Factory” Milano Group Exhibitions: 2005 “A Spasso con gli Angeli” - Affresco for a charity community group organized by Rotary Club of Milano. 2008 Painting exhibition in the former San Carpoforo Church of Milan. 2008 “Pan Gea - Artists from continents” - Exhibition curated by Diego Esposito in "il Palazzo Re", in Giulianova (Te). 2008 “Il mondo a Brera” – “Tutti Figli del Genio” exhibition in “Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta”. 2008 “Glocal Art” - Exhibition curated by Marina Mojana in "la Fabbrica del Vapore” in Milan. 2008 "Tratti al Femminile" – Exhibition organized by Winarts in “Teatro Primo Studio” in Milan. 2009 "Bosch e l'Accademia di Brera” – Winning art work in the exhibition in the former San Carpoforo Church of Milan. 2009 "Dialogo e identità" - Exhibition in" Palazzo Imperiale” of Innsbruck – Austria 2010 “Collective exhibition by contemporary artists group of Caravaggio” in the former hospital of Caravaggio, Bergamo. 2011 Exhibition curated by Winarts in ”Spazio Regina Margherita”.2013 “Collective exhibition by contemporary artists group of Caravaggio” in the former hospital of Caravaggio, Bergamo. 2014 Exhibition curated by Winarts for “Pallavicino studio” in Milano. 2014 “Bongio poltrone”, at the Paradiso Gallery-Giardini della biennale, Venezia. 2014 Winner of the I° Youth Prize Association Olimpia Morata, Ferrara. 2014 “prima Luce” organized by Profondità di Campo, at the Ducal Palace, Sala dogana, Genova. 2014 “Le donne nutrono il pianta”,Giureconsulti Palace, Milano. 2015 Winner of the 1° and the 3° prize during the exhibition “vivere di periferie”, Organized by Algo Mas association (Libera la cultura),Auditorium di Zona 3, Milano. 2015 Collective Exhibition “Nuovi Mondi”, Corte gallery, Rome. 2015 Collective Exhibition “Digital Humans” curated my Mostrami, Triennale di Milano.

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