Hyaline (nine) by Samuel Brzeski
Medium: Acrylic on canvas. Dimensions: 95 x 130 cm

About the artwork

The Hyaline series exists between the known and the unknown, in between being and not being. Each viewer sees something slightly different in these vaguely organic, vaguely alien, pseudo scientific forms that float across the canvas. The work is a process orientated work of immediacy. The canvases are prepared for a series of days with layers of white primer until they are paper smooth. And object is then constructed to sit on the canvas, which is then sprayed heavily with black acrylic spray paint. The object is then removed, leaving a negative white shadow of the object, which floats and sits on the surface with a three dimensional quality.

About the artist

With a background in English literature, I explore the narratives of objects and the subjectivity of interpretation. I work with established visual languages and subvert them. My work includes drawing, photography, sculpture and painting. All work is rooted in process orientated practice, and the same work is often re made in a variety of different media, each going through it’s own transformation when transferred to the new media. My work The Lost Voyage of Thedore Allen (2014), has been shown in several exhibitions across the United Kingdom. It constitutes a false archive of drawings and botanical specimens collected by the 19th century scientist Theodore Allen, which are presented as true when displayed. My most recent series Hyaline (2014-2015) constitutes a series of two dimensional images made with the assistance of a sculptural process and have been exhibited internationally, most recently one has been selected to show in The Fall of Rebel Angels in Venice, Italy, running concurrently with the 56th Venice Biennale. I have also curated a series of exhibitions in empty and abandoned buildings across London, most recently Pop Up Fuck Off in Tooting Broadway, which saw 50 international artists come together for a one day show in a council run studio complex which was soon to be torn down to be replaced by luxury flats. I live and work in London.

British www.samuelbrzeski.com