Directionless by Hannah Drabin
Medium: Digital Photography. Dimensions: 50 cm x 39 cm

About the artwork

2014 // Midcoast of Maine, USA

About the artist

The human is my favorite animal. In the purest form of each persona, uniqueness is inevitable. I feel we are constantly trying to uncover these bewildering beings, which are so far submerged beneath a familiar facade. It is difficult to directly touch base with our own entity, as our species is an abstraction in and of itself. My photographs aim to put various characters into further peculiar situations in order to draw attention to the necessity of befriending one's uncertainty; an uncertainty I recognize at many levels to be the inner machinations of the subconscious mind. So much strangeness lingers inside of the phenomenon that we are living inside a body we have extremely limited control over. The mind wanders, conjures, creates, and never ceases in its enduring quest to solve problems of many kinds. A vast part of my fascination with our species is this innate thirst for knowledge. Curiosity is evolutionary, without it we would merely survive, not live. We submerge ourselves in a life of struggle, constant complications and obstacles; the suffocating swirl of which is tolerated for the single simple intention of the awe-stricken feeling within being known.