Human Beehive by davide paoloni
Medium: digital photography. Dimensions: 100 x 70

About the artwork

In a money addicted society always looking for bigger profit, the "Machine for living in" turns into a "Money Machine" that prefers the overbuilding to the sustainability without any relation to nature. It defines a new model of high density building architecture as a human beehive.

About the artist

Davide Paoloni is a freelance architect and photographer. He graduated in Architecture at the University of Pescara "G. D'Annunzio" in 2012. He initially spent the first years working as teaching assistant in Architectural composition and he worked in many Architectural competition as collaborator. He began his studies about analogical photography and basic darkroom techniques. He took part in many workshop about the Digital Architecture, 3D modeling and Post-production. Davide lives in Ancona, a city in central Italy.