Blind Vision  by jamie sheehy
Medium: Photo through minor alterations in Photoshop. Dimensions: 3744mmx5616mm

About the artwork

This image is from a Series 'Women Can Do The Impossible', which involved wrapping the models hair fully around her head so she couldnt see and shooting her in a mundane realism style but with atmosphere in the image. Other images are of her running on the beach, drinking coffee in a street cafe and using her mobile phone.

About the artist

Self-taught part-time photographer from Dover UK, Interested in photographing people from studio work to street photography. I shoot various styles from portrait to still life to gothic and have been fortunate enough to have had work published in USA, UK & Poland. Three images of mine are in a fashion exhibition in Krakow Poland during March 2015 and I hope to have my first solo exhibition in the UK later this year.