Warmest Moment by Styliana Katsiari
Medium: oil painting . Dimensions: 36 x 48 cm

About the artwork

My subject of interest is human being. I love observing people, because even a single move of a human’s body or face can give me emotions. I’m not interested on creating the perfect background for my paintings. My purpose is to concentrate to my main theme, so as I’ll be able to show the alterations and corruptions on the face and body. Every single figure is interesting through my eyes, that’s why I’m not looking for the finest body to draw. I also like to repeat the same part or movement in a painting, so as I can notice the differences whether from the same or a different angle of view. In conclusion, it’s important for me to embody feelings in my artworks by a human’s pose or by the painting itself.

About the artist

My name is Styliana Katsiari, I am 19 years old and my origins are from Cyprus. I attend Visual Arts at the University of Western Macedonia since 2014. My passion for Art thrived from my childhood. I attended consecutive art lessons for approximately two years and I have won the 2nd prize at an early age in an art contest in Cyprus, called “Health and Safety at workplace”. Even though I used to paint mainly with sprays when I was younger, I have worked with as many materials as I could. My creations included cassette’s magnetic tape, charcoal, acrylic paints and ink, but I really enjoy working with oil paintings throughout the last months. In addition to that, I approache my artworks with a particular technique that you can also notice in my attached painting. I have also tried out space painting technique. During my search about art’s history, I paid attention to Salvador Dali's art and life more than the other famous artists. He seduced me by the fact that he faced the world and his art differently than others. He inspires me and I try to lead myself out of the ordinary way of approaching art.

Cypriot https://www.facebook.com/styliana.katsiari.artwork