Kai Portman, actor by Emma Pathare
Medium: oil on canvas. Dimensions: 65cm x 50cm

About the artwork

Friend, film actor and a living representation of cultural and linguistic diversity, Kai is an Arabic-speaking Finnish-American, raised in Italy. His face demands to be painted, but raises the challenge of capturing the vibrancy of his colouring. A four-week wait finally brought me just the right paint – a beautiful vermilion.

About the artist

Emma Pathare is a portrait artist working in oils. Her delight in this art form comes from the shapes and colours found in the human face, and the ever-changing relationship between picture, subject and viewer. Emma’s artistic emergence has been a journey inspired by the brilliant artists she has encountered along the way. Her paintings have been commended in group exhibitions in Dubai, she produced the cover art for a published novel (2014) and she has recently exhibited at World Art Dubai (2015). Originally from England, Emma has been based in Dubai for 14 years, where she works as a freelance writer and painter.

British www.emmapathare.com