Colonial Taste: Let Them Eat  by Giulia McGauran
Medium: Digital Photograph on Flex Print. Dimensions: 1 m x 62 cm

About the artwork

This work investigates the Tongue in cross-cultural/lingual relationships. Originally made for an exhibition at the Alliance Francaise in Melbourne, it investigates the influence of French culture in Australia. The Image was created in response to Marie Antoinette's famous statement "Let Them Eat Cake". The pink, well manicured, dainty hand represents that of the affluent french royalty as it reaches to feed pavlova (a traditional Australian dessert) to the Tongue.

About the artist

Giulia Giannini McGauran is an Australian born artist currently working on being the artist she was born in Australia to be. After studying at the Victorian College of The Arts she has had many group and solo exhibitions. Last year she went to Rome, Italy to make a ceramic tongue fountain to honour all the tongues of the Great Emperors of Rome. Currently she is working on an investigation into the re-creation of the Tongue as a vertebrate. After two years of investigation into the Tongue, she hopes to pursue it in order to become the most prominent lambs tongue photographer in the modern world.