494 Dice Rolls (Horizontal Black) by Vincenzo Merola
Medium: Bic pen on japanese paper. Dimensions: 66×92 cm

About the artwork

"494 Dice Rolls (Horizontal Black)" is an aleatory composition whose central theme is the tension between individual action and fate. The artist's free will is limited by simple rules determining the scheme of the work.

About the artist

Vincenzo Merola (born in 1979) lives and works in Campobasso (Italy). He bases his research on verbo-visual experiments, embracing different disciplines ranging from literature to visual communication. He is also a journalist and he runs the blog "Piccoli esercizi di straniamento per una visione trasversale dell’arte e della cultura contemporanea" (vincenzomerola.blogspot.it). Prizes and awards: 2015 - "Prima Pagina Art Prize" - Winner (curated by Valerio Dehò); 2014 - "Premio Celeste" - Selected artist; "Premio Combat" - Recommended artist; "DAMprize" - Joint second place painting category; Artist of the month in April on giovaniartisti.it; "Premio Rezarte" - Finalist; 2013 - "Premio Farben" (curated by Maria Letizia Tega) - Winner; 2012 - "Premio Creatività Città di Marsciano" - Third place. Selected Solo Exhibition: 2014 - "scatolabianca 4×4 | Black Match | Vincenzo Merola" (mini-solo exhibition and talk curated by Maria Letizia Tega) - scatolabianca(etc.) - Milano; 2013 - "SeeKingYou" (curated by Silvia Valente) - Museo Dinamico del Laterizio e delle Terrecotte - Palazzo Pietromarchi - Marsciano (PG); 2012 - "Travestimenti" (curated by Tommaso Evangelista) - Galleria Limiti inchiusi - Campobasso.

Italy http://www.vincenzomerola.it/