A letter from the bottom of the sea by Skirmante Zemaityte
Medium: Collage. Dimensions: 27,5x59,5x6 cm

About the artwork

"A letter from the bottom of the sea"- it’s news from the world of the feelings. In the bottom of the sea as in the depths of the soul, lies the secrets. That what was written in usual means was transformed by the sea of the feelings into colors and lines. A letter from the bottom of the sea- it’s a new received from the world of the feelings, that can be transformed again into an expression of word and mind. What is this letter from the sea about? Both glass and water are fluid matter. Glass conveys the best the clarity, motion, shine and the color of the water. Additional items are calligraphy tools: a brush and dry ink, that were used for centuries. The collage was created using glass, Plexiglas, pigments, gold and items. The artwork was created in 2015.

About the artist

ARTISTIC BIOGRAPHY Skirmantė Žemaitytė Born in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1970. Education Joined Vilnius art academy in 1992. Finished Vilnius art academy master studies with master degree in 1998. Membership Member of stained glass group “Sviesos stygos 1997 Member of the Lithuanian Artists association 2013 Group exhibitions “Vartai” gallery in Vilnius , exhibition with group “Sviesos stygos” 1997 Panevezys art gallery in Panevezys, exhibition “Lost in time 1” with group “Sviesos stygos” 1998 “Vartai” gallery in Vilnius , exhibition “Lost in time 2 with group “Sviesos stygos” 1998 Hotel “Auksines kopos” in Nida, exhibition “Lost in time 3” with group “Sviesos stygos” 1998 Kedainiai town hall gallery in Kedainiai , exhibition “Lost in time 4” with group “Sviesos stygos” 1998 “Rubayaa” gallery in Bon, Germany, exhibition “Square” with group “Sviesos stygos” 2003 Personal exhibitions “Rotunda” gallery in Vilnius, exhibition “Rose of the oak”2003 Art works in public places, won competitions 1st place in competition for Vilnius Franciscan monastery stained glass ensemble 1993 Stained glass at the M Riomer’s university chapel in Vilnius 1997 Stained glass ensemble for “Horsemen club” café in Vazgaikiemis, Prienai 2007 Restored stained glass in Daujenai church in Pasvalys district 2010 Spacial composition “Light of the cross” for blessed Jurgis Matulaitis museum in Mariampole 2011 Created stained glass, paintings and sculptures in various private interiors in Austria, Germany and Lithuania. Lives and creates in Kaunas.