"FLAT LAYERS GREEN EYE" by mattia novello
Medium: acrylic. Dimensions: 140x140 cm

About the artwork

The tyre is a perfect element created by the man but with his form is one of the object closest to the perfection nature forms and is engine of life. The tyre is an object that is in contact always with the street and dirty but is simbol of revolution and research like the man do. With Flat Layers is a way of painting different than the classical way using brush, but mixing painting and sculpture, because, when born a new canvas is more an action that painting. Mattia use the canvas as a sculpture with the tyre. Using a real object now in the canvas, the depth and the shadows are completely mixed together in one layer, but representing with the shades and the color the depth came back in to it.

About the artist

Was born in Thiene October 6, 1985, and lives and works in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) ITALY. He graduated in visual communication at the European Institute of Design in Milan, then in fashion photography at the School of Visual Art in New York, and in Mixed Media Art at the Parson School, also in New York. His work appears as a path of inner growth, conceived not only as an attempt to climb to the peaks of perfection, but also as a difficult route between disorientation, restlessness, tension. His works are plunging downwards, towards areas where reason conceptual loses his confidence, but at the same time push to rise up to the summit ideals.

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