Simulators of The City Landscape by Andrey Abramov
Medium: Digital Photography. Dimensions: 2d

About the artwork

In my works, I do not use digital manipulation, and I do not create the objects that get into my pictures. I take things that already exist in the urban environment as the basis of my landscapes. I work with the conglomeration of spots, lines and geometric objects which are all around us in our daily lives. I work primarily with our perception of space and objects, which we all have because of the global image fulfillment of our lives. I create new types of relations between the usual things , I create another reality that differs from our world – it is a photographic reality. For me, this reality of “simulators” is a space that reflects my emotional and mental space, I interact with the "collective unconscious" where I try to find the basic archetypes of our mind.

About the artist

About Andrey Abramov Born in 1986 in Moscow in the family of an artist. Education: 2003-2006 Study at Moscow State University of Electronic and Mathematics 2006-2010 Study at Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (Photoart Department) Personal Exhibitions: 2014 "Simulators of the City Landscapes" MOMA (Moscow Biennal of Modern Art) 2013 "Simulators of the City Landscapes" Roma, Italy (Centre-Periphery, Federculture, Roma, Italy) Selected Bibliography: 2013 - "Simulators" (self published book) 2012 "Festival of Street Photography 2012", City Landscape (Simulators) 2011 Casper, Jim. "New Russian Contemporary Photography", New Russian Contemporary Photography Selected Awards and Grants: 2012 Young Russian Photographers 2012 Fotodepartament, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation 2013 Winner of Centre-Periphery international Competition for Young Artists Federculture, Roma, Italy