Stoccolma by Gianni Chiacchio
Medium: acrylic on canvas. Dimensions: 100x160 cm

About the artwork

My works are two-dimensional: mere flat paintings not really interested in perspective, in the depth of field, in shadows and shades. My canvases recall serigraph images - a technique that suits my aesthetic parameters. I primarily represent trains and trams: fragments of an unfinished storyboard, where both incipit and epilogue are lost; still frames of a movie; stories in a suspended time which is also a time for reflection, dreaming and nostalgia. The result is a silent world, capable of speaking quietly, in contrast to the loudness of everyday life.

About the artist

I am a set designer. I live between Milan and Brussels. I design sets for television shows, films, advertising spots, fashion events, trade fairs and promotional installations. Painting is the point of interaction and continuity with my professional experience, an original mean for artistic experimentation. Since 2008 painting is the primary lab of my technical and aesthetic research.