Piazza San Marco - San Marco Square by Michele Battistuzzi
Medium: Photographic technique: long exposure with the use of wave motion. Dimensions: 60x40cm frameless, 76x56cm with frame

About the artwork

“Piazza San Marco” (San Marco Square) is part of “Venezia disegna Venezia” (Venice draws Venice), his most important photographic project carried out in two years, regarding the most photographed city in the world.
Rather than the research of a new point of view, he chose a new way to photograph Venice: through wave motion. All photos, with long exposure, were taken from a small boat, in a predetermined point, with the use of a tripod. The latter was essential because it is able to transfer to the camera the exact wave motion produced by the water in canals which causes the small boat to move. The photographed subjects, which are randomly recorded in the digital sensor, appeared to his eyes as a sort of drawing and sketch (hence the project name). The conceptual originality stands in the fact that the photograph does not create the photographic medium, which is only an intermediary, but the water in Venice with its wave motion plays a leading role in all works. (site-specific project)

About the artist

Michele Battistuzzi was born in 1991 in Vittorio Veneto (TV) Italy. He graduated in "Tecnica della Grafica Pubblicitaria” (Technical Graphic Design) at A.V. OBICI in Oderzo. He studied photography for three years during high school, expanding later his knowledge as a self-learner. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice in New Technologies for Arts during the course in Graphic Design and Visual Communication with a photographic thesis about Venice. During the triennial course, he took part in various photographic events including "Humus Park" (2012 and 2014) and "Photissima Art Fair Torino" (2013) where he exposed part of the thesis project. Keen about photography since the age of 16, he developed interest in war reportage because he believed it was a real, raw and detailed way to capture reality. Since 2012 he approached the sphere of landscape photography and night astrophotography and is still now continuing to pursue this great passion. Meanwhile, thanks to the academic studies, he has consolidated his vision of contemporary art, in particular regarding photography and therefore developing several art projects. “To me, art represents a continuous research, experimentation and creation of something new." (Michele Battistuzzi)

Italian www.michelebattistuzzi.com