The house of screaming children by Lorenzo Mini
Medium: digital photo. Dimensions: 75 x 50 cm

About the artwork

This image is part of a series entitled "Colonie di vacanza in Italia." Exploration project lasted five years, which studies the phenomenon of holiday camps in Italy, from the fascist period up to the present day.

About the artist

Born in Rimini August 3, 1973, he lives and works in Cesenatico. His photographic project, in general, is geared towards the documentation of specific socio cultural and landscape, understood as a mirror of modernity, through which attempts to represent and make clear the conditions, sometimes contradictory, of our time. He attended various courses in photography, among the most significant: "course report" Photographic Workshop at the Milan and "profession reporter" at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan. He has made several reports, some of which are exhibited in solo and group exhibitions.