Subterranean Victorian Cistern by Matt Emmett
Medium: Digital Photography - Light Painting. Dimensions: 110 x 67 cm

About the artwork

Beneath a very public space in London lies this vast brick wonderland. Built during Victorian times as a cistern for the storage of drinking water it now sits unused and forgotten. Many thousands of people pass by overhead each day completely unaware of its existence. Lit using a laborious technique where the camera shutter was locked in the open position in totally dark conditions and a sideways facing caving lamp was slowly walked along the parallel row of arches. At the far end the lamp was turned off and the lamp is moved to the opposite parallel row in the dark and then repeats the lighting process on the walk back to the camera. The total exposure time being 15 minutes. Pentax 645Z - DA645 25mm Lighting - Scurion 1500

About the artist

Matt Emmett is a ruin and heritage photographer with a particular focus on industrial remnants. He has spent the last 3 years travelling across the UK and Northern Europe recording places forgotten and abandoned by our societies before they are redeveloped or demolished.