Waterperson by Da-Eun Lee
Medium: photography and digital art. Dimensions: 900x1200

About the artwork

Once one stops caring about the surface of one self and starts to immerse in one’s ‘self', it will bring one the most enlivening and groundbreaking inspiration.

About the artist

As a nomadic passionary of her generation- she has roamed around many countries and has been influenced by some of the most ethereal parts of our nature and community. Out of her homes, she thinks of Canada as a metanoia and considers herself Canadian since she found her-true-self in Canada during her middle-school years in Delta and Coquitlam. And as she writes this she gets a butterfly in her stomach, now a pteranodon, due to the visible names of those places she has longed for so long. After she came back to Korea, she published a children’s picture book, Dream Medusa, which tells the tragic story of the beloved yet detested beauty Medusa, and has been the editor of the student-led, lit&art magazine Between The Lines for four years. She is currently in a British Boarding School where she is flourishing in her academia and Arts.

South Korean .