Banana balloons by Rachael  McCallum
Medium: Ceramic Glazes applied in expanded painting method #1. Dimensions: 56 x 32 x 9.5 cm

About the artwork

The media of Ceramic is liquid stone, caught in a moment of transition. As a painting, Glaze becomes a visual manifestation of natural phenomena, in a visual celebration of primordial soup. As the traces of glaze develop, mix and flow describes the complexity of influencing factors that builds into a "whole"; a ceramic painting. The unlimited variables of ceramic chemistry can make the task of controlling a colour or form seem impossible. Much like having a baby, there is more than meets the eye at work, as far reaching as the weather, time of year and minerals. The moment that anything succeeds is a moment to celebrate.

About the artist

Rachael McCallum lives and works in Sydney, engaging with painterly ideas in the ceramic medium. Graduating from National Art School as recently as 2014, her studio practice revolves around the notion of experimentation as the main creator; chemical reaction as expression; nature as painter. These ideas stem from influences as rich and varied as volcanic formations, oil spill patterns and cloud formations; choosing to celebrate them as objects of wonder. Notable influences are chaotic artists such as Keith Tyson, Dale Frank and Emily Hunt.