Papeh Sow by Aron  Belka
Medium: Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 72 inches x 72 inches

About the artwork

This painting depicts a Sierra Leonean man named Mohamed Sow. Mohamed has been part of the Ebola response since the first days of the outbreak, and continues his determination to help overcome this crisis. I wanted a portrait that depicts this subtle determination as well as the pain of what he has witnessed. Recently I have been making larger paintings that portray quiet heroes and individuals who are frequently overlooked. Primarily, I am an oil painter interested in mark making, color, shape, and composition, but I am also interested in communicating what inspires me about the human experience.

About the artist

Working primarily in oil paint, Aron Belka is a visual artist currently living and working in New Orleans. He was recently awarded the Joan Mitchell Center 2016 EMERGE residency, and has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, and most recently at Jones-Carter Gallery for Artfields.