R.O.T#1 by David Di Pasquale
Medium: liquid glazes roller on cardboard. Dimensions: 125x105 cm

About the artwork

Portraiture and figurative painting roller on cardboard for commerciale use,in particular cardboard R.O.T (medical waste disposal required) that i withdraw from hospitals and reuse purposes poetic and online on my philosophy of visual art.the symbol that accompanies the work and signature is the logo of the risk of infection affected of the same carton

About the artist

Graduated from the Accademy of Fine Arts of Rome and at the I.E.D , carrying out a study in the world of visual arts ,painting and illustration,through recycling of raw media or common stripped of value and give up all the wisdom pictorial accumulation in my work dealing themes of a social and psychological ,held solo.and group exhibitions since 2012 in europe

italian davidart90(Instagram)