no title by Maria Di Stefano
Medium: analogue photo. Dimensions: 64x88 cm

About the artwork

The work speaks of someone who has been catch to do a forbidden action. The actention is also directed by the shadow and the light, the geometry of the "stage" and the coulors' contrast . Finally the look of the model seems to give to the spectateur a strange sensation, a mixing of: attraction, repulzione, sensuality and mistery. Are we observing her or is she who is watching us?

About the artist

I attended a small grammar school in Avezzano, Abruzzo (Liceo classico Alessandro Torlonia)where I was particularly interested in classical studies – Greek and Latin literature – . Rome represented the big city for me at the time, and I enrolled in the Faculty of Art History there at the University of Tor Vergata. Thus began a happy period of exploration for me. I found confirmation of what I had always intuited, that art is what moves me and carries me forward, it is what I believe in, what I feel I must and can do. In 2011, I took part in the Erasmus programme at the University Paris 4, the Sorbonne. I decided to stay in Paris,to complete my degree in Art History in 2013 . Here I had the opportunity of following courses given by such distinguished teachers as P.De Hass,S. Goudet, P.DagenM.Poivert. Paris also opened my eyes to contemporary art, and there I came into contact with artists who are still reference points for me : C.Sherman, R.Rauchemberg, P.Huyge,V.Hegarty. Studies I made there that interested me particularly were: -« L'objet et Rebecca Horn.:1)L'objet comme prolongement du corp humain 2) les machines, le mecanismes aliénés » Written for Prof. P.De Hass’s course : « L'objet dans l'art du xx et xxisiecle »; and :- « Larry Clark, Tulsa : l'esthetique nouvelle de la photographie dans la continuité de la realité subjective » written for Prof. M. Poivert’s course: « Photographie et theatralité ». Having completed my degree I decided to continue my studies in Paris and I applied for a place on a Masters course at the Sorbonne. I presented a research project entitled : « Féminin, Masculin in Gustav Adolph Mossa » and I was accepted on the course. However after a difficult process of reflection, I realized that this was not the direction I really wanted to go in and withdrew my application. Instead, what I was looking for was a school with a clearly contemporary orientation, where I could integrate my background in Art History with technical learning and artistic development. From my research UCA seems to be the ideal choice. I am currentlly attending the first year of a Master in Fine Arts at UCA Canterbury.