Useless border by Giulio Speranza
Medium: Digital Photography. Dimensions: 40*27cm

About the artwork

This picture belongs to the Useless Borders series that has been exhibited for the fist time in Venice on march, 2015. The series is focused on old enclosures that once were borders between agricultural or grazing estates in mountainous areas of Central Italy. These enclosures are currently useless due to the progressive abandonment of the territory. During winter, when they emerge from the snow, the state of abandonment is even more evident and they seem to me like ancient remnant of a lost civilization.

About the artist

Born in Rome in 1980, Geologist, Giulio Speranza has a passion for photography from his childhood. He initially focused on landscape photography, guided by his scientific education and from practicing mountaineering sports and skiing which allowed him to stay in close contact with the mountains and natural environment. Later on he got involved in some more personal works related to reportage. Since 2006 he participate to various personal and collective photographic projections. His personal projects have been published on various photographic review and have been exhibited in Italy and abroad. He uses both digital and analog cameras, from small to large formats. He usually develops his own films and prints. He is also President of a no profit and cultural association called Grigio 18%, based in Rome, that promotes photographic culture through projects, courses and group activities.