Moving from the tunnel of life to death by Lutina Nsambu
Medium: Acrylic. Dimensions: 60.7 cm x 61.2cm

About the artwork

In what seems to be a normal depiction of nature, appears three broken orange lines, Each represents life. Indeed, we see that in what seems to be a quiet time, life is not fair to all: From birth, we shift from the first tunnel to the second tunnel, which is death. However the time it takes to go from one to the other varies, as show the 3 broken lines of 3 different lengths.

About the artist

Living in Dublin, LCN has studied art, advertising as well as business, lived in France, US, England and now Ireland. Currently practicing her singing, learning guitar and taking a break from illustration, she has decided this year would be the year of the paint! Carpe Diem used to be her motto, but now her motto would be, run the race and end it well.