Trauma by Jiacheng  Chen
Medium: Hand papermaking, calligraphy, ink painting. Dimensions: 170 cm by 104 cm

About the artwork

Trauma represents a wounded body, which could be caused by a fault zone of history or a deep rupture of culture. I translated my role from a creator to a mender, since I mended paper with paper (one of China’s so-called four great inventions) strips. Dissembled calligraphies reflect the cultural phenomenon of ti-ba, which is usually written to record different people’s connoisseurship. To me, ti-ba is also a symbol for cultural inheritance, which has been largely lost in China today. The scenario of trauma on the front side is converted into Chinese shanshui scenery from an aerial perspective on the backside. In the drawing part, I imposed the value of the ink according to the orientation of paper forms, as I intended to be oblivious about the influence of ‘self’ under such purely responsive drawing actions. The two sides nature also reflects a dialectical relation between aesthetics ideals and current cultural situations.

About the artist

A native from Nanjing, China, Jiacheng Chen is currently enrolled in the Lamar Dodd School of Art in Athens, Georgia, wrapping up his study of Studio Art in the coming May. The flexible nature of the Studio Art program within his art school has allowed him to explore a wide range of mediums, which includes drawing, video, paper, site-specific sculpture, performance, and social art entrepreneurship. He has lately developed a particular interest for paper and video. He tries to expand their boundaries and somehow hybridize them at the same time. He also stands firmly behind the dogma of learning from art histories and unleashing their contemporary potentials, in order to make art that connects with individual memory and cultural heritage. His models from art history include aesthetics of Chinese shanshui painting, phenomenological perception of Cezanne's experiment, anti-alienation spirit of S.I. group and Arte Povera movement. So far, he has participated in two exhibitions in the art school. The first one is a collective show for a study abroad program in Italy, in which he submitted an oil painting and a stone portrait sculpture. The other one is called Double Space, in which he made a site-specific sculpture. He is also a research fellow in the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities program (CURO) of the University. In the summer of 2014, he took two field trips in searching for traditional Chinese papermaking methods. Back in studio, he then spent the rest of the year researching Chinese and Japanese papermaking meanwhile experimenting paper art with new formats. On March/30th, he is going to present his research in the annual research symposium held by the research center (CURO).

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