Metaphysics and Metamorphosis by Oleg Agafonov
Medium: Photo, digital art, print, graphic, paper. Dimensions: 329x483mm

About the artwork

The series of artworks called "Metamorphoses". It's an attempt to understand the nature of the world using graphical means: the line, space, and form. Eternal "nothing" that permeates everything living and dead, penetrates into time, space, through objects, sound and light.

About the artist

Oleg Agafonov Was born in 1987 (Date of birth - полная дата) Got his artistic education in the Solovyova's studio of painting, graphics and experimental ceramic art. 2004-2010 - got his university degree in Graphic Design and Illustration During the University period he took part in the group exhibitions. 2009- his first solo exhibition in the city of Aleksin 2011- became one of the "project30" winners 2012- took part in the exhibition of Tula Artists Union 2013- group exhibition in Tula devoted to the Night of Russian Museums 2014- solo exhibition in Moscow devoted to the "Adygea - Prague" project 2014- the work on "Free Forms" project 2015- the work on two new projects "Metaphysics and Metamorphosis" and "Aftersex"