Child of Eden by Federico Scarchilli
Medium: Digital Photography. Dimensions: 420mm × 594mm

About the artwork

"And everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon". That is what David Gilmour is singing in Eclipse from the album The Dark Side of the moon. And that is where I take inspiration for my works. I see my photographs as eclipses work: a source of light gets hidden by a darken body. This is my perfect metaphor for saying we sometimes have to put aside our rationality and being driven by our darkest insticts anf follow our unconcius.

About the artist

I started photography when I decided to travel around the world. My first real adventure was in Australia where I covered 11.000 km and there I met a photographer who helped me to open my eyes for photography. After that, I decided to become a professional and I started BA in Photography in Rome at Instituto Europeo di Design (IED). I won a Feta award merit 2014 as Emeregent Photograper given from Federation European Photographer. I will partecipate at biennial Romart 2015 and Nardeen Fotofestivan (Dutch Photography Biennial). Actually living in Trivandrum, India, for an artist residence.