"The vertical city" by Alessandra Campanella
Medium: Black ink on plexiglass. Dimensions: cm 60 x 100

About the artwork

In "the vertical city" buildings are concentrated, deform, overlap in urban areas from the perspective deformed and the urban fabric becomes tortuous layout of road junctions and heavy masses of concrete, on which light metal structures of antennas, masts and draw a guardrail delicate filigree. The metropolis, now megalopolises, eliminates the public spaces of the report, the green, and the beauty, is nothing but endless suburbs without horizon. This cage subway, aggressive and hostile, traps millions of human beings in which generates loneliness, depression, extreme individualism, loss and anguish, summarizing, arouses urban malaise.

About the artist

Born in Rome in 1959, lives in Rome where she graduated in Medicine and Surgery. She went to the passion for art, has followed over the years a pictorial journey from heterogeneous figurative genre to imaginary architecture where the city is governed by a law similar to the pathological model of tumor growth, where the cells proliferate, lose contact inhibition, assume an abnormal morphology in a context of disordered vascularization.