Liaison by Anna Pastore
Medium: Black and White Photography. Dimensions: 2,44 MB

About the artwork

"Liaison" it's a word coming from France, It means "relation, connection". It's just a guy who loves music, who lives for music, He is just there, playing his double bass, alone, in a desert country side. Losing his mind, enjoying every note he touches, exciting for every single vibrations.

About the artist

Born in 1991. Always attracted by old photos at her granparent's and in love with fashion. The magic happened on Christmas 2011, when she had a special gift: a reflex, her reflex. She never asked for one of them and it was unexpected, but since that Xmas, she never left her babe. Her dream is to shot photos to be emotional, you know what i mean, that shot that will make you happy or upset.