Blindonkey is an Italian cultural association and a no-profit organization, with a young and enthusiastic staff, coming from different worlds, born with the aim of establishing a link between art, photography, fashion and music.

The purpose is developing a global network of artists, coming from different backgrounds and cultures, through international exhibition and events, and promoting new talents across the world.

We have already organized exhibitions in Milan, London, Madrid, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, showing hundreds of artists.

Donkey art Prize is not the typical art competition born to award great names and and already famous artists only to "make noise" and appear more important to critics and experts, It's something else.

We'd like to think about our prize more like an opportunity for artists to become professionals.

We want to give chances to people, be democratic, putting merit and good skills first.

That's the reason why we use the “anonymous marking” to select our winners and we encourage them to work hard and consider our award as a starting point instead of a goal.

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