Artist's Survey

Artist's Survey

Date: July 21, 2016 Tags: Donkey Art Prize 4 Art Contest Survey Artist Survey Blindonkey Art Competition

Yes, we are getting things together to organize the fourth edition of the Prize.
The opening of the doors to submit art-works should be around October 2016, great things are coming up in the next few weeks!
In order to give the artists the best art competition that we can, we open a Survey on Monkeysurvey.
We did that with the purpose of having some feedback from the crowd about what are the needs of the artists today and what is the most important for them. We want to focus on the results to understand how we can help artist's grow.

It doesn't matter if you have or haven't taken part of the art contest so far, it's something that can be usefull to you or to other artists anyway..

It's anonymous, free, no emails or spam and takes no longer than 2 minutes,

8 clicks only

her's the link:

thank you

Blindonkey editorial staff