Donkey Art Prize 3 - FEW DAYS LEFT ...

Donkey Art Prize 3 - FEW DAYS LEFT ...

Date: April 22, 2015 Tags: Donkey Art Prize 3. 2015. Competition For Artists. Call For Artist. Painting. Photography. Believeinyourself. Juried Art Competition. Last Call. Few Days Left.

Just a few more days to register for the international award Donkey Art Prize 3 organized by Blindonkey
Cultural Organization, dedicated to painters and photographers.

Tuesday May the 5th is going to be the last day to accept entries, after that, the group of art experts, led
by Nicoletta Boschiero of MART museum, Gianpiero Riva (instgramers Italy) and other important critics,
curators, collectors and journalists will make a selection of 100 art-works on a fully anonymous votation
that will then exhibit in international locations.
This year the shows will be open to the public in four galleries / spaces in Milan, Miami, Tokyo and
Dubai, each place will be set up and "branded" ad-hoc for the event.

This third edition of the prizes keeps definately an high-level bunch of rewards : € 2,000 to each of the
four winners from the two categories, distinguished among young, under 30 y.o. and "less-young" over
The winners will have the opportunity to exhibit their art-works in all locations bring them literally all
around the world. A great opportunity for many artists to expand their CV, get the next level and raise
the bar (and the coefficient ..) globally!

The young no-profit, is determined to keep on discovering and launching emerging artists and has in
the past, organized exhibitions on location, pretty often off-limits for the mosts, as Mayfair in London,
Chelsea in NYC, the prestigious Central district of Hong Kong, next to the cathedral of Milan (Duomo),
and It's ready to showcase the talents who feel to compete.

As secondary awards, there are some merchandise items kindly provided by the sponsors (Industry
Maimeri spa and Momodesign), a solo exhibition in the young Core Gallery in Naples, T-shirt contest
and more ...

Great enthusiasm for collaboration with B.Smark, the Italo-Irish start-up that will test the pulse of the
public through the web pages of the artists and through the events. About the collaboration will be
given more details in the further weeks.

The award is open to all artists without limitations, it is recommended to apply online directly on the
website. The application will be available online until May 5, 2015.

The hunt for talent is open, for more information and consult the full prospectus, click here

#believeinyourself #stepout

by Blindonkey Staff