TIPS on how to step out - Meet the jurors - S. Gavioli

TIPS on how to step out - Meet the jurors - S. Gavioli

Date: April 28, 2015 Tags: Donkey Art Prize 3. 2015. Competition For Artists. Call For Artist. Painting. Photography. Believeinyourself. Juried Art Competition. Last Call. Few Days Left.

Read this short interview, release for the Donkey Art Prize, to the young curator Simona Gavioli, who gives few help-full tips to emerge in the art industry.
Simona is an independent curator and organizer of the annual SetUp Art-Fair of Bologna (Italy)

The art world keeps changing and the art market appears to be the only judge. Are there any constant values in this scenario?

Changes are always interesting. The great constant of art, especially in the "hard times", is definitely painting.
Painting reassures, is tangible, easy to understand and gives the impression of security that lasts over timeand time.

Contemporary art has a tough life in Italy, a country with such a rich cultural tradition. What would you suggest in order to bring the Italian public closer to the contemporary art production.

I believe that an educated odiens can change our Italian condition. If we get in touch more public to art, give the opportunity to people to visit museums, artists’ studios, art schools, exhibitions and art fairs with affordable prices and accompanied by professional mediators, art would have long life.

How much do you think local values still worth in a culturally globalized world? Is it important to be linked to the International art scene?
In this 2.0 society keeping own origins is crucial to identify ourselves with the past, but you need to be in step with the times not to be excluded.

International Art prizes such as the Donkey Art Prize give a lot of international visibility. What should be the next step, once you gain the public's attention?

The next step for an artist is to continue working on and on, and keep believing.

What are the things you mostly appreciate in an artist, let alone the style or technique?

Of an artist I appreciate the research, his cultured being, his urgency.

There are many brilliant young artists that find it hard to emerge on the art scene. Could you give them an advise? How can one become a great artist?

You become a great artist when art becomes an obsession. When you can not do without it. When you study, research and find out what is going on around you. Marketing is important today.

Your job makes you deal with beauty every day, not only in art works but also in fashion,
environment, design. Could you give us your definition of beauty?

 “Beauty will save the world”, It's simple, I did not write it but it is exactly what I think.

Interview by Laura Nicolae for the Donkey Art Prize 3

photos by Set Up Artfair (Fb)

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